Update to website!

boy! i’ve been working like a mad woman fixing up this website to present for graduation! there are a couple of new galleries including one for fantastic fish and illustrations. Still more to come, including a gallery devoted to all my aurora public library work. now….enough web work…i need to go milk some almonds and make some art!

Work for Shows this Feburary

world for claudia

*sniffle* hello friends! aww rats! wow what a week… i’m all “to-do listed” out. “(⊙_◎)” in the spirit of the perpetual to-do list i will list off what has been going on since the last post i think i left … Continue reading

thinking fish

Detail - Sardine Bookmark

hello hello friends! ahh my first week jobless since summer and it feels goooooddd. :) heres a little digest of what ive been working on this week! following the delectable sardine can is this carrot goldfish.  this piece is made … Continue reading

Delectable Sardines

Sardine Portrait, Watercolor on paper collage

hello friends! it has been a big week at rosa headquarters! i left my night  job and have been working on some art. it was a good week, sad in some aspects, but good. now i know what it’s like … Continue reading

more stuff from watercolor 403

Panties! - Watercolor

another semester is alive and kicking and i am doing my best to keep on making. i’ve started signing up for a few local art shows and contests. i’m doing my best to push my my career ahead, especially now … Continue reading

new stuff from watercolor 403

Family Carrot, Watercolor

happy post-holidays friends, or almost post holidays, personally i don’t care for new year’s. it’s sort boring and it means winter break will be over soon too…the only good thing about it is new years resolutions, but i like to … Continue reading