Sardines! In a can and with some carrots

Sardines in a Can Mobile, Papier mâché collage with watercolor

hello! here’s another juicy post with new work and a few GIFS!!! first up is the new member to the fish family, leafy fish. he is made similarly to the rest of the guys, except he isn’t based off any real … Continue reading

Update to website!

boy! i’ve been working like a mad woman fixing up this website to present for graduation! there are a couple of new galleries including one for fantastic fish and illustrations. Still more to come, including a gallery devoted to all my aurora public library work. now….enough web work…i need to go milk some almonds and make some art!

Fish on Sticks and Other Oddities

Herring - Papier Mâché Collage and Watercolor

Hello! welcome yet to another post presenting my findings on more things “fish”. after many days of skipping school to work on these guys and peeling off massive amounts of glue skins, i was finally able to take a few nice … Continue reading