Update to website!

boy! i’ve been working like a mad woman fixing up this website to present for graduation! there are a couple of new galleries including one for fantastic fish and illustrations. Still more to come, including a gallery devoted to all my aurora public library work. now….enough web work…i need to go milk some almonds and make some art!

Look! It’s a Carrot Fish!

fish head

Just a quick painting to show you! It’s an earlier piece i hadn’t managed to upload yet. Made it right after the Sardine painting. Its also watercolor on paper collage and mod podge.

Fish Dinner Mobile


hey guys! whats up? check this out! haven’t worked with gifs since high school but its probably the best way to share my fishy mobile online it’s my fish dinner mobile!!!! ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ the mobile hangs from a fork and knife (stolen … Continue reading

Work for Shows this Feburary

world for claudia

*sniffle* hello friends! aww rats! wow what a week… i’m all “to-do listed” out. “(⊙_◎)” in the spirit of the perpetual to-do list i will list off what has been going on since the last post i think i left … Continue reading

thinking fish

Detail - Sardine Bookmark

hello hello friends! ahh my first week jobless since summer and it feels goooooddd. :) heres a little digest of what ive been working on this week! following the delectable sardine can is this carrot goldfish.  this piece is made … Continue reading

Delectable Sardines

Sardine Portrait, Watercolor on paper collage

hello friends! it has been a big week at rosa headquarters! i left my night  job and have been working on some art. it was a good week, sad in some aspects, but good. now i know what it’s like … Continue reading