Sushi Doodles

just little sushi watercolors i pushed out the other day :) mostly im trying to post stuff up again!! so much has happened in six months!! mostly killing it at the day job, mail swapping with wonerful people around the globe (you should try it!) and zine publishing with a partner and starting out our own publication company!… More Sushi Doodles

More Tiny Portraits!

ahoy! i’d like to introduce two new mini portraits. one of a fish (as always) and another of a sea pig! for some unusual reason i’ve been really into making teeny tiny acrylic portraits of civilized animals. maybe its because i received a nice lot of paints a few weeks back from a friend. i guess… More More Tiny Portraits!

Van Gogh Valentines!

hello again! i am back from a long summer of recovery. the three months after school were filled with much sleep food and video streaming. it felt so good not doing something that i mostly did not feel guilty. that being said i love doing stuff and making stuff. sometime around the second week of august… More Van Gogh Valentines!